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Sustainable - Individually - Economical- Ready for operation = SIWAbox

modulare und mobile water treatment solutions

We can also provide storage tanks for raw or pure water in container form.

Additional equipment is available such as air conditioning, separate room for the plant control, escape doors, multi-level variants a.s.o.

At larger capacities, it is also possible to place the filter tanks outside of the container and to assemble the complex system piping with measurement and control technology in the container.

We can provide the following system options as a container plant:

  • Ultrafiltration
    · Reverse osmosis for water desalination
    · Boiler feed water treatment with reverse osmosis and EDI
    · Degassing / oxygen removal with membrane degassing plants 
    · Pump container
    · Dosing units
    · Special systems

Advantages of container systems:

  • Installation costs are reduces to a minimum
  • Commissioning and test run in our home possible
  • No additional space- cost effecive
  • Individually configurable - a solution for your needs

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