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more than 20 years SIWAtec!

 Welcome to SIWAtec Wassertechnik GmbH & Co. KG

This year, we are celebrating our 22 years jubilee. Since 1997, we are in charge of every matter around plant engineering and water treatment. Over the last years, we optimally extended our expertise and our operating-experiences for you. We hape that we can support you with our knowledge, in the future, so you can benefit from our long-standing know-how.

We are looking forward to the next years! Your SIWAtec Team.

The reason, why the water technology of SIWAtec is different:

The SIWAtec Wassertechnik GmbH is specialized in water treatment, boiler feed water treatment, dosing units, and deaeration plants.

Advantages of SIWAtec water technology:

Especially, when your company is dealing in the business domain of power generation, process industry or petrochemistry, you need an competent business partner for boiler feed water treatment, and process water treatment. Our pure water units are in use at different locations, wordlwide, for years.

Water as economic factor makes not only for cost of production, but is an important parameter in the product-quality and product-safety, as well as in environmental-safety of your production plant.

Trust in the water technology of SIWAtec, because our customers can count on our compentence, flexibility, and quality of consulting and will always get an technical and economical ideal solution. We will support you with your project, starting with your first question, the preparation to the point of the final inspection

To our scope of supply belongs membrane technology like ultrafiltation, reverse osmosis, EDI, processing of fresh water, dosing units, deaeration plants, and ion-exchanger.