Preparing and dosing of chemicals like hydracine, KMnO4, H2O2, phosphate, ammonia and so on as water conditioners; preparation- and dosing-stations for flocculation-substances or flocculation additives. 

Preparation- and Dosing-Units for Water-Processing-Chemicals

Units for the preparation and dosing of solutions in use or for the dosing of complete solutions in use into the water or steam circulation.

We deliver complete dosing units, for example for ammonia. If desired the concentrate is automatically sucked out of the delivery-container, diluted, mixed and afterwards added to the feed water as the completed dosing solution.

The units can be equipped with their own steering gears or steered at over an existing control-system.

There are standard units in different sizes at our disposal, which can be bought, and we furthermore deliver plants which are exactly adapted to our customer's individual desires.

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