SIWAtec introduces itself

We also counsel enterprises and public employers regarding all aspects of water processing. What makes our program complete is our delivery of chemicals for water conditioning. We have been cultivating fruitful partnerships with enterprises which develop control units for plants delivered by us according to our order and which deal with the installation of electronic items. We further entertain excellent relationships to construction companies as well as to pipeline companies providing us with a broad know-how and staff strength. There are some single components, like for example vessels (manufactured according to our instructions), pumps, fittings and measuring devices, we buy at notable firms and then combine them to a complete plant. We generally operate according to DIN but also to ASME or other norms. We not only care for the panning and construction of units but also for construction control and the opening of a plant.

Our concept of advice concerning water management is very innovative and will even be extended during the next years. We always use the most modern software programs when it comes to developing diagrams and drawings (AutoCAD 2000i), as well as for calculation, planning and communication.

Installation surveillance  and commissioning are also carried out by ourselves, likewise planing and counseling.

Our counseling conception in water management is highly inovative an will be permanently supported, the next years. We are working with the latest softwareprogramms for preparation of drawings in 3-D, calculation, planning and communication.

Technical construction files can be generated in paper mold, or can be digital turned out as interactive document with directly access to all details by point-and-click.

is our core concern. You will be convinced not only by the first-class quality of our products but by competent consulting and support from the very beginning all the way to the final acceptance of your unit. Our continued support and consulting during the operation of your systems, which were either designed or manufactured by us, will assure you that you have made the right choice in choosing SIWAtec as your business partner. Over 30 years of experience in production and planning have provided us with knowledge from which you may benefit as well. SIWAtec runs a certified quality management system as per DIN EN ISO 9001
consulting, planning, delivery and service of water reprocessing units! Certified services of SIWAtec Wassertechnik GmbH und Co. KG. Expertise which inspires trust!

Our Team is looking forward, to your individual approach.

- Equipment for Engineering -

For Transactions: Drawing programs AutoCAD plus applications, PCs/computers with MS Office, layout programs of our own.

- Operating -

According to pertinent norms, like for example DIN, TÜV, AD, UVV, VGB, KKS, ASME and so on and according to our customers' instructions.

- Customers -

Enterprises constructing huge plants, heating plants, waste burning plants, chemical industry, lining-industry, automobile-industry etc.

read more: 'references'

- Supplier -

Notable firms, like for example KSB, Siemens, G + F, Gemü etc.

- Expertise -

More than 30 years of experience in engineering, construction and installation of water processing units.

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