Our Operations comprise many ranges. From basic engineering and processing technology to execution planning, installation monitoring and commissioning. With service, attendance, and counseling during the system operation, we will still supervise you.

Concepts Process Engineering

From abstract to completion

When planning production plants, supporting units or components, the first measure consists in the development of an adequate concept, which can guarantee the desired result.

Planning & Detail Engineering

Development of inquiry documents and advertisements, Detail Engineering, Erection Control and start up

We will gladly help you, or resume it for you.

Redevelopment, Reconstruction & Modernization

Reconstruction and modernization of water processing plants.

We will attend you by every step!

Water Management

Realizing the possibilities for economies and conveying knowledge with regard to water saving technologies as well as their putting into practice are the crucial factors when dealing with water in industry.

You can count on us with every topic!


We will support you for the realization of your water projects

Basic Engineering

You want to initiate a project and need assistance?

  • Choice of technology
  • Feasibility studies
  • Formulation of the project basics

Implementation of different technologies

We unite different technologies, and we see beyond the end of our nose.

  • Energy efficiency
  • Water economy
  • Water reuse
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