Working with room

Development of inquiry documents and advertisements

We develop documents of inquiry as well as the complete advertisements for public employers or private customers including inquiries at the respective authorities for water and conservation, so that their norms for companies and special details can be comprised by the total specification of the water processing plant.

Detail Engineering

Development of R&I diagrams, flow charts, lists of tools and fittings.

Complete planning and figuring of construction and pipeline management in 2 and 3 dimensions.

The very engineering can be carried through so precisely that other enterpises or their employees are capable of installing the unit completely (this refers to companies abroad for example, since there can often be found lower wage rates for erection).

Erection Control

Even if a plant has not been planned and delivered by us we are always ready to supervise its erection or doublecheck it after it has been constructed.

Start up

SIWAtec carries out the start up of its plants everywhere in the world and readily accompanies their probationary periods.

We can also start up plants erected by other companies.

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