More than 30 years of experience in construction and planning have equipped us with a knowledge you should not hesitate to profit by.

We have set ourselves the task of offering our customers a broad palette of products with regard to water-processing and waste water-preparation, which enables the customer to realize the most economical and ecological solution. QUALITY is our slogan. You will not only be convinced by our first-class quality. We will also make you certain of having chosen the right partner by providing you with a competent consultation and support - from your first inquiry on to the last test of the very plant and even further during your entire usage of units planned and installed by us.

Read more about our specific products:

Ion-exchanger Units


Partial and full salting

Softening systems

Special applications

Membrane technology



Reverse osmosis

EDI Units Electrodeionisation

Processing of fresh water



Iron-Removal / Manganese-Removal



Thermal deaereation plants

Membrane degassing




dosing units for cooling water- and boiler feed water conditioning

SIWAbox container systems


modular and mobile solutions

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