SIWAbox solar powered

Indipendent, no costs for power, reduce carbon footprint

The future of water production is green.

SIWAbox can be powered by solar power via photovoltaic. Desalination of salted seawater needs a lot of electrical power. The special design and configuration allows as one of the first installations the drinking water production with solar power without the loss of secure water production by SIWAbox double barrier a gainst bacteria and all kind of viruses.

You can reduce your carbon footprint significant by using SIWAbox.

SIWAbox with integrated direct payment

Via Pre Paid card or App for direct use or truck filling

Pure drinking water for the poorest people. Nearly 2 Billions of people have no clean drinking water and must spend a highly part of their income for botteled drinking water, delivered by international multi million company groups.

It is time to change their lives. Direct taking of water and direct payment for a low price or indirect by truck filling direct from the tap water meter also with direct payment.

A new possibility for the development of remote areas in the poorest countrys.

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