Reconstruction and modernization of water processing plants.

When modernizing and automizing older water processing plants we always pursue the aim of improving the water quality, reducing the consumption of chemicals and the time for regeneration. Further the automatization of such units by means of high tech control and vizualizing all conditions of the unit guanrantees a remarkable exoneration of the staff and makes its supervision and operation from a central DCS possible.

Not only can the costs of investment be reduced considerably by the re-use of components which are still intact and the usage of certain parts which are already at hand, but the unit can at the same time be brought up to date as well.

Reconstruction and modernization of existing boiler feed water treatment plants according to the SIWA-bed-process (regulation of counter-current units)

We are always ready to develop an individual offer for the modernization of your water processing units and to additionally show you model units.
After the unit has been reconstructed we will guarantee for its operating.