You can benefit from our experience in process water treatment for the petrochemical sector. More than 30 years of experience in the design and operation of ion-exchanger units for petrochemical projects assure you that you have made the right choice in us as your business partner. We are experts in the area of mixed bed filters, total salt removal and condensate polishing plants.

Our experts are just as familiar with the typically high requirements in this industry with regard to operation safety, proven process technology and a high degree of automization as they are with customer-specific documentation requirements. We have been dealing with alternative processes such as reverse osmosis, electrode ionization (EDI) and membrane deaeration for a number of years and are thus able to determine the process which best suits your specific needs.

We provide high-quality dosing units for coolant water conditioning, even for surface water and sea water, for example for hardness stabilisers, disinfectants, chlorine and chlorine dioxide, all from one single manufacturer. Skid design or container design are both available.

Your customer requirements, as well as relevant standards and regulations, form the basis of any interpretation.

The project implementation is based on an integrated quality management system. Compliance with health and safety regulations and safety standards is guaranteed by our certified safety management system.

Regardless of fuel and power we develop in collaboration with our customers, general contractors and building designers a customized and tailor-made solution for the entire water-steam-cycle of a power plant.

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