Modular-constructed installations for complete removal of oxygen and other gases.

The membrane degasification is a novel procedure to devolatilizate water with the help of partitions and vacuum.

The attached high efficiently contactors (modules) are hydrophobic hollow fiber- membrane module, which facilitate the stepless, fast gas exchange.

The liquid streams along the hydrophobic hollow fibers after the Crossflow-method. A vacuum will be applied with a vacuum pump and a small amount of flushing gas (CO2 or N2) will be fed, in the interior of the hollow fiber. Hereby, the partial pressure of the oxygen will be downed to almost 0.

With the aid of the emerging partial pressure gradient, the detached gasses will be nearly totally removed of the liquid. The used hollow fiber membrane is hydrophobic, so gasses can only occur in the membrane, not liquids. Thousands of this hollow fiber membranes are wrapped in a bundle and make a module (contactor). The hereby created large surface in proportion to the volume, effectuates a great performance of the modules.

A small size ratio, low pressure drop, and slight operational costs are advantageous.

In addition to oxygen, nitrogen, and CO2 will also be removed. The water is not chemical processed and not heated.

This technology is inserted in our compact, and chemical free water treatment plant, SIWApure.

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